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NitroFill Cap Kit Membership Program

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NitroFill is a patented tire inflation product that replaces the air in their vehicles' tires to provide longer tire life, enhanced safety and optimum fuel economy.

In addition to these benefits, and as an expression of the confidence we have in our product's ability to provide them, every NitroFill conversion is backed by our Tire Protection Plan Warranty, providing customers with Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage.


NitroFill Members get access to get an unlimited supply of NitroFill. Plus in the event of road hazard damage, any tire repair or replacement costs are paid by your NitroFill Membership Warranty. NitroFill gas will save you you money and add reliability by keeping the correct tire pressure 3X longer than normal air. This reduces fuel consumption up to 10% while extending tire life up to 40%.

White -  NitroFill gas (no warranty)

Blue - NitroFill Gas + 100,000 KRW tire warranty

Silver NitroFill Gas + 200,000 KRW tire warranty

Gold - NitroFill Gas + 300,000 KRW tire warranty

Platinum - NitroFill Gas + 500,000 KRW tire warranty

(1 USD = 1,000~ KRW)

Memberships are available in 1, 2 and 3 year options.

Please see dealer for pricing and more information. 

NitroFill members also get additional discounts on parts and services. 

Some common questions we get:

🔴Q: So what does buying a cap kit do for me?

🔵A: Great question! In short you will get NitroFill's world class premium nitrogen in your tires. You will also be getting our Tire Warranty Program membership. This warranty covers you in the event your tire takes damage requiring a repair or replacement. For example if you have a $200 warranty from NitroFill and you get a nail in your tire the cost of the repair will be deducted from your available warranty coverage balance. The same goes for damage that requires a tire to be replaced. Say you hit a pot hole and the tire is beyond repair requiring you to buy a new tire, again NitroFill is right there with you to cover the cost up to your pre-selected coverage amount. If your tire is less or equal to your warranty coverage amount that means the tire would be at no cost to you.  

🔴Q: I heard Nitrogen is a scam and is not worth the money.

🔵A: Adding standard Nitrogen to the air that is already in a tire and charging for it does not makes sense, nor does any "nitrogen blend" as the air we breathe is 79% natural nitrogen. This is why professional racers and engineers the world over will tell you that in order to get the benefits of nitrogen filled tires, the tire needs to have at least 95% nitrogen purity. Remember NitroFill   is not just adding any ordinary Nitrogen gas but a full purge is being done with our patented generators that will remove things like argon and oxygen from your tires before doing a full inflation with pure NitroFill. What is best is that with your purchase you get 12 months of free re-fills. Having NitroFill in your tires means you will be getting 99.9% Nitrogen filled into your tires far in excess of standards set by those like Formula 1 and the FAA. 

🔴Q: So if I get a flat tire and need a repair or replacement, how long until I get paid?

🔵A: At NitroFill we move fast, REALLY fast. We will work directly with the tire or service center you are at to have the balance paid (up to your pre-purchased coverage amount) immediately. No waiting, no mail in paperwork, no long forms. All we need is a few details from the service manager helping you and we will take care of all the rest. 

🔴Q: What if I am not at the service center where I bought NitroFill, can I use the service at any service or tire center?

🔵A: Yes! No matter what service or tire center you go to, your service will follow you. 

🔴Q: Is there a limit on what brand of tire that is covered? 

🔵A: No. Your warranty is universal. The only limiting factor is the amount of coverage you decided upon at purchase. So if it is a $150 Bridgestone or a $150 Yokohama it does not matter, you are covered.

🔴Q: What if the tire center I get my repair or replacement at does not have NitroFill?

🔵A: That is okay. Get your vehicle moving and as soon as you can visit the nearest NitroFill service station  where you will show your membership card and we will provide a full conversion again, for free.

NitroFill Generators

If you operate a vehicle service center and are interested in becoming an authorized NitroFill location, please have a look at our lineup.